The Diamond Dream

Back in 1963, Craig began his lifelong legacy as a modest errand boy, sweeping floors and unpacking crates at what was once known as The Modern Gifte Shoppe located on Barrack St, Perth. Originally just a simple gift store, Craig saw the potential for greatness and eventually streamlined its focus toward precious jewels and metals, bringing something fresh to Perth’s burgeoning retail hub.

“I have always loved the mystique of diamonds. I’m attracted to the joy and romance they bring to their beholders, the heritage and their connection to families across generations.”

By the young age of only 23, after eight long and dedicated years, Craig had steadily worked his way up from errand boy to business owner. His eye for original and exciting designs paired with a sincere and honest work ethic had earned him the opportunity to pursue his passion and build his vision from the roots up.

Then in 1975, Craig decided to change the name to Rosendorff, marking the launch of what has become one of the longest standing diamond companies throughout Australia.

What sets Rosendorff apart is not a rag to riches tale, but Craig’s unrelenting desire to succeed in the face of insurmountable obstacle. During those early years, the time-honored, long established conventions of a traditional industry made it nearly impossible for Craig to fully realize his dream.

“It was like a club that I wasn’t allowed to be in.”

When local suppliers and diamond wholesalers were only interested in selling Craig the dull and poorly cut stones, he instead decided to travel half way around the world directly to the diamond cutting centers to personally source the highest quality diamonds he could find.

To this day Craig maintains the long and lasting relationships he has built over the many years in Switzerland, Belgium, India, Italy, Asia and the United States, and still continues to hand pick and deliver the worlds finest straight to our doorstep.

“The Rosendorff way has always been and always will be about the joy and happiness we strive to bring to our customers.”

Ultimately, the Rosendorff story amounts to a man who dedicated his entire life to the creative vision and integrity of the home grown business that we can all be proud to call our own.

With thanks to the talented and hard-working team of professionals who support Craig daily, coupled with his team of master craftsman, together they implement the visionary designs and handcraft the works of art that you have come to know and admire.

“When you purchase a Rosendorff piece, we know you’re marking a special moment in time and we feel very privileged, to share this occasion with you.”

Today Mr Craig Rosendorff works with clients in store to achieve their own personal diamond dream!