Most Common Repairs

  • Finger Sizing
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Replacing lost/loose stones
  • Cleaning and Polishing/Rhodium Plating

Repairs Procedure

  • When taking a piece of jewellery into the Rosendorff workshop, it is critical that each individual piece is examined thoroughly and checked for any damage that must be noted when taking the goods into Rosendorff care. By following the proper procedure, both Rosendorff and the customer are assured of no confusion and an excellent result.
    1. Examine each piece checking for things like loose stones, broken/worn claws, scratches and splits in the band. Tell the customer of any damage you find.
    2. Talk to the customer about their repair need. For finger sizing, ensure that you and the customer are 100% happy with the size chosen and factors such as wider rings and extremes in temperature are taken into consideration. Provide the customer with an accurate cost to repair.
    3. Requested information includes customers name, address and best contact number. If a customer has married, changed address etc since their last visit, please provide your new details so we can correlate and maintain a consistent record of their purchases and repairs under the correct customer number.
    4. The details of the piece/s are provided on the repair packet and a sketch is drawn of the piece. The following abbreviations are used in the description:
      • YM – Yellow Metal
      • WM – White Metal
      • WS – White Stone
      • S/S – Shoulder stones
      • Sol – Solitaire
      • PC – Princess Cut
      • RBC – Round Brilliant Cut
      • C & P – Clean and Polish
      • U/S – Ultrasonic Clean
    5. The work to be done is written up for the customer to ensure it is clear.
    6. The customer is explained the work to be done, the cost and the customer is provided with a copy.
    7. Each piece is placed in a separate plastic bag and packet. The packet is placed in the production queue to be processed.

I just received my engagement ring but it doesn’t fit. Can I have it resized?

Yes, we will size your engagement ring complimentary on the first occasion within three months of purchase.

What is rhodium plating?

18 carat white gold is made up of 75% gold and 25% other metal, usually silver or palladium. It is common practice to coat the gold in a fine layer of rhodium which is a metal very similar to Platinum. It enhances the whiteness of white gold. It is hard wearing but will eventually wear off in time. It needs replacing every 12 to 18 months depending on how the jewellery is worn, to keep the white gold looking its best.

Why should I have my ring professionally cleaned?

Jewellery can last a lifetime if well looked after and cared for properly. Gemstones can become less brilliant and the surface of gold scratched and dull with the everyday use of household chemicals, perfume, cosmetics and general wear. Annual professional cleaning and polishing is strongly recommended to ensure the longevity and continual enjoyment of your jewellery.

Why has my diamond / stone chipped / fallen out?

How long will it take to have a repair completed?

General repairs take a minimum of two weeks however our time frame will depend on the season. Some repair work may take a little longer depending on what is required and the current capacity of our workshop. If necessary, we will advise you of any changes on time-frames once the piece has been assessed by the Rosendorff jewellery workshop.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process of cleaning delicate jewellery which brightens dull stones and cleans jewellery thoroughly. Rosendorff offer a free ultrasonic cleaning service on all Rosendorff diamond pieces.

Will you repair pieces not purchased from Rosendorff?

We wish we could assist however, due the high volume of work going through our workshop we are unable to repair pieces which haven’t been purchased from Rosendorff. We can, however, recommend someone who can help with your needs.